FABQ’s (frequently asked bro questions)

Wait, what is this website, Bubble Bros?

There’s a number of ways Bubble Bros can enhance your event. Our services range from as simple as just renting our Bubble Balls and having our staff come out to help get you started as you facilitate your own event, or you can go all the way and trust us to make your event BROstonishing, complete with multiple led games/challenges, grilling foods, music, and emcee. Remember, it’s your event, we just want to help make it BRO-tacular!

Sounds like a lot of fun?

Well, that’s not really a question, but yeah, it’s a blast. Even if you’re just a spectator you’re guaranteed to live longer! (laughter makes your blood vessels more elastic and resilient thus increasing your life span…science, bro!)

Can I play on my Uncle Ned’s corn field?

Maybe, but probably not. The best places for your event to take place are not limited to but include the following: gymnasium setting, a sports facility on turf, outdoors on a well-cleaned grass surface such as a recreation field at a park. It’s for the safety of the participants and the equipment. The right size of the field depends on the number of bros/bro-ettes. Believe it or not, the smaller the better. More bro-checking and less running!

Surely the Bubble Balls only fit supreme athletes?

Actually, our bubble suits pretty much fit anyone over the age of 12 up to just smaller than Andre the Giant. (7’4”, 520lbs) And actually, if you’re pretty big for age 12 it would probably work! The bubbles weigh about 20-ish pounds and your legs need to stick out the bottom so they can run.

Is this, “gotta play it now!” Bubble Soccer safe to play?

Are airbags, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and no slip tub mats safe? Well, we’re not the same as those but, yes, injuries are very uncommon. You’re wearing a huge bubble of air for goodness sake! Always remember not to forget, as with any athletic activity, there’s always a risk of injury. That’s why there’s a waiver, for yours and our bro-tection.

We are also starting leagues and will organize tournaments soon

Lets us make you next event bro-tastic!

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