Rip grew up in the north farmlands of Forsyth County, GA. He spent many summers on his family’s horse farm cutting and bailing hay in the pastures, secretly knowing in his heart there had to be something that was more fun. Many years passed and Rip grew up (sort of), got married and began to build a family, and then it happened—he saw something BRO-tacular. A game where you could hit other people as hard as you want and it causes the recipient of the impact to giggle! He knew then that part of his mission in life was to bring eu-BRO-ria to the world through Bubble Soccer.
MARK GAINESCE-BRO (chief executive bro)
Mark was raised from a pup in the hills of South Forsyth GA. The son of a father and mother, his life has been filled with people and events shaping his current existence. He has two beautiful children at various ages and has been married to their beautiful mother for several years. Mark loves to have fun. Bubbles are fun. Running around wearing bubbles, knocking your friends (or complete strangers), and seeing them tumble down the field laughing and peeing a little…. is really fun!
As CE-Bro, Mark’s mission is to provide experiences surpassing even the inherent fun potential contained in each of the bubbles we provide.